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Long-awaited, often asked for – here it is:

The Combi SUB 12“ and 15“ – a subwoofer as bass-extension to a whole range of AER amps:
Domino2.A/3, AcoustiCube3, Compact XL, BassCube2, Basic Performer, Amp one, Amp three … just try it out and let it convince you.

It offers a wide range of features to enhance lowend and avoid feedback: ground-lift, adjustable crossover, notch-filter and phase-inversion. Its power-amp with 200 W (250 W) and 8 Ohms delivers more than enough pressure in nearly all stage-situations and may then again even turn your AER amp into a standalone


combo socket, XLR female
and 6.3 mm (1/4”) jack

XLR male socket

gnd. lift on-/off-switch,
ground loop prevention

determination of ‚ƒcrossover-frequency between 70Hz and 200Hz

Notch filter
on-/off-switch plus frequency
control, narrow band frequency reduction between 50Hz and 300Hz

Phase inversion

Power amp
Combi SUB 12: 200 W / 8 ohms,
SUB 15: 250 W / 8 ohms

Analog signal processing
subsonic filter, low distortion
RMS limiter 

Combi SUB 12: 12“ (300 mm) woofer
Combi SUB 15: 15“ (380 mm) woofer

Combi SUB 12:
430 x 490 x 350 mm
(16.9“ x 19.3“ x 13.8“), HxWxD
Combi SUB 15:
490 x 560 x 440 mm
(19.29“ x 22.05“ x 17.32“), HxWxD

SUB 12: 19,55 kg (41.1 lbs)
Combi SUB 15: 29,00 kg (64.0 lbs)

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