AS 281_4

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AS 281_4 is a small full range 2 way active system in D’Appolito construction, based on 2x8“ low mid speakers with polypropylen cone embracing a bi-radial horn (LM-H-LM). The main advantage of the D‘Appolito-concept is constant directivity especially in the ‘hang over’ range of the speakers.

It is equipped with a high-quality hybrid power amplifier that delivers 200 watts at 8 ohm with substantial power reserve due to oversized power supply.

It is a stand alone system for general reinforcement/installation purposes or any monitor application. It is perfectly matched to complement AER products as the AcoustiCube 3 or the Dominos 2/3 into full stereo systems. In combination with AS 550 D/Sub it forms a PA-system for small clubs and/or acoustic, jazz or fusion ensembles.


electronically balanced, 10 kOhm XLR-connector

frequency response (1 watt @1m):
-6dB: 65 Hz -20 kHz
axial sensivity: 97 dB SPL, 1 watt @ 1m

passive, 5 kHz, 18 dB/Oct.

Power amp
100 W / 8 ohms, dynamic control

Analog signal processing 
subsonic filter, low distortion
RMS limiter

Speaker system
2 x 8“ polypropylene low-midrange speaker,
biradial horn tweeter

speaker out, link, ground lift, dynamic bass boost

560 x 260 (front) x 135 (back) x 285 mm
trapezoid angle 50°
(22.0“ x 10.2“ x 5.31“ x 11.22“)

14 kg (30.68lbs)

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