Pa line

AG 8_3

The AG8_3 is an active loudspeaker-system making use of ‘compact‘ system components such as: twin-cone speaker, power-amp, controller and cabinet. Without special acoustic voicing the focus is mainly on it‘s superb audio-abilities and thus it offers an additional range of applications as e. g.: floor/stage or keyboard monitor, self powered full-range PA-system or in combination with modeling amps for electric guitar… … and for sure it is a valid supplement to any AER acoustic amp using twin-cone speaker technology. 


AS 281_4

AS 281_4 is a small full range 2 way active system in D’Appolito construction, based on 2x8“ low mid speakers with polypropylen cone embracing a bi-radial horn (LM-H-LM). The main advantage of the D‘Appolito-concept is constant directivity especially in the ‘hang over’ range of the speakers.It is equipped with a high-quality hybrid power amplifier that delivers 200 watts at 8 ohm with substantial power reserve due to oversized power supply. It is a stand alone system for general reinforcement/installation purposes or any monitor application. It is perfectly matched to complement AER products as the AcoustiCube 3 or the Dominos 2/3 into full stereo systems. In combination with AS 550 D/Sub it forms a PA-system for small clubs and/or acoustic, jazz or fusion ensembles.


Combi SUB

Long-awaited, often asked for – here it is:The Combi SUB 12“ and 15“ – a subwoofer as bass-extension to a whole range of AER amps:Domino2.A/3, AcoustiCube3, Compact XL, BassCube2, Basic Performer, Amp one, Amp three … just try it out and let it convince you.It offers a wide range of features to enhance lowend and avoid feedback: ground-lift, adjustable crossover, notch-filter and phase-inversion. Its power-amp with 200 W (250 W) and 8 Ohms delivers more than enough pressure in nearly all stage-situations and may then again even turn your AER amp into a standalone


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