bass line

Amp one

It seems like we have done it again …Over many years you have asked us for something small for electric bass – simple, powerful and with a performancehard to believe …And there it is: the AER Amp one.Based on a superb 10“ in a bass reflex enclosure, in combination with a serious 200 watt power amp, more than sufficient power-supply and extended dynamic headroom -not to forget Paul’s* helping hands and ears – it is finally done. * Paul Sipps from


Amp three

Amp three follows the concept of Amp one: being small, rich and powerful based on a one way speaker-system. It also offers a superb mix between sizeand power and features for professional use.Equipped with 2 x 8“ heavy duty bass-speakers, it enhances the low mids and offers a more open, transparent tone with the neccessary strength and focus to cut through.


Amp two

Amp two is the second member of the Bottom Line combo bass amps. In line with Amp one, but with a more defined speakersystem and more power. A 12“ neodymium woofer for quick and full bass response combined with a 4“ mid-high direct radiating speaker for gentle trebles allows a wider range of sounds from funk to pop and rock to jazz.As further difference to the Amp one the signal path is lead trough adjustable compression pre EQ to provide even more dynamic headroom.


Basic Performer 2

The Basic Performer 2 is a solution for Bass and instruments of the lower registers, based on the experience of multiplying well proven AER acoustic systems.Small twin-cone systems are fast, provide a superior coverage for the critical mid-range and have enough substance in the low end.The AER band-pass/bass-reflex cabinet design supports the reproduction of even the lowest frequencies with definition. High-End preamps, proper filters and additional professional sound design make the Basic Performer a multitalented all-round solution. The sound characteristics are full range thus open and light yet breathing as well as grumbling and surprisingly appropriate for far more instruments than the bass-related instruments, e. g. harp, cello, accordion … 


BassCube 2

The BassCube 2 has proven to do an excellent job to reproduce double bass authentically. Well balanced analogue sound design covers the ranges gently and proportionately so that tone always stays clear, crisp and transparent yet powerful and defined without any stress!It‘s two channels are equally equipped and allow two different instruments set up in all comfort – and be sure it works very well for electric bass too. Whether ‘arco’ or ‘pizzicato’ – the BassCube 2 sounds like your bass: round and open – you can hear the stroke of your bow as true to life as the placing of your fingers on the fingerboard.


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